Many things are often missing when we pass the day per day. Did not reminded how should recall the important events to note our life’s journey. Something very valuable to other people’s lives, the environment where we grow, and how we take and give as members of community are most disappearing from our mind. This blog will be an outpouring of heart, mind, and writing that can perhaps useful for the professional and friends, or those who are interested to be part of the similarity of ideas in helping other community members.

I called this blog “ ABIANBALI” , Balinese vocabulary that gives the notion of a place that can gain life for members of the community. Abian is just a place where farmers, community can cultivate, grow and reap the rewards to be alive. It is a place to understand each other and interact with the natural environment and humans. And Bali is just one example of place where life is done. Abianbali.wordpress no more than a record of the event to share, about social life, livelihood, sustainable development, agriculture, community institutional development, management, research and development and community development that not always offering the certainty and exact measurement for our life, but you can put as the uncertainty that sometime will grow and move forward and back like a wind, blowing to touch our skin.


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